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About me

My name is Evert Zandbergen,

I'm a 23 year old student on the Haarlem Business School. As I was only 5 my dad took me to museum's and exhibitions, so since my childhood started to get interested in everthing related to aviation.
Since my first Airshow in 1990 on Soesterberg AFB many followed. And I started spotting more regular on both civil as military airfields across Europe. This site is started to share my hobby with other all over the
world and give the an oppertunity to have a look what kinds of interesting aviation can be seen in Holland, but also across Europe. The

Holland Aviation Site was started in 1999 with my first setup of the site, still simple but effective. I got many repsondents from all over the world which encouraged me to continue my efforts on a new site.
This, as you browse here, is the newest version of the Holland Aviaton Site (v1.4) with a new layout, new colours, new make-up and of course many new items. Pictures seen on the site are all taken myself otherwise it will be mentioned.

The digital photos are taken with my Nikon D70, I bought this DSLR in the summer of 2004 and I am very pleased with it. I produces great pictures. 90% of all the pictures on the Holland Aviation Site are digital. Lenses used in the pictures are the Cosina 70-300mm and the Nikkor 28-80mm or my Sigma 400mm prime.

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